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1995: The year the future began

When Secret Service officers wore rubber gloves to greet gay officials

Is it “different enough”? One of the tests for conducting research into the recent past is whether the period under scrutiny is “different enough” from the present. With the passage … Continue reading

June 11, 2015 · 7 Comments

Recalling the quaint early struggles to describe the Web

With considerable uncertainty and obvious tentativeness, news outlets 20 years ago struggled to describe the then-new phenomenon of the World Wide Web. Their tentativeness seems quaint nowadays, and a bit … Continue reading

January 18, 2015 · 28 Comments

Quirkiness on New Year’s Day, 1995: ‘Far Side’ farewell, errant Clinton prediction

The year 1995 opened on a Sunday — with the farewell appearance of a popular newspaper comic, Gary Larson’s delightfully bizarre “Far Side.” “The Far Side” entered retirement January 1, … Continue reading

December 31, 2014 · 16 Comments


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