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1995: The year the future began

How important was Netscape?

Technologist Brendan Eich, the developer of JavaScript programming language and a founder of the Mozilla Foundation, asserted in a blog post the other day that Netscape “changed history” — and … Continue reading

July 21, 2014 · 42 Comments

Recalling the ‘coolness’ of the early Web

Debate flares from time to time about just what the World Wide Web was really like in the mid-1990s, a pivotal time when Internet-awareness became a reality. Is it best … Continue reading

July 16, 2014 · 54 Comments

Anniversaries, controversies for Amazon, the company that that demonstrated the Web could be safe for commerce, marks two anniversaries this month, the 20th anniversary of its incorporation and the 19th anniversary of the opening … Continue reading

July 15, 2014 · 50 Comments

What did the ’90s mean?

The National Geographic Channel’s series about the 1990s began quite poorly but became rather better during its three installments, the last of which aired Tuesday night. But in the end, … Continue reading

July 9, 2014 · 10 Comments

The ’90s deserve better

The 1990s deserve better. Deserve better than the erratic, schlocky, and often-trivial episode that the National Geographic Channel served up last night, in the first of three installments of a … Continue reading

July 7, 2014 · 38 Comments

Talking 1995

I was on WMJI’s Morning Show in Cleveland a few weeks back to talk about 1995: It was the first discussion on broadcast media about my forthcoming book, 1995: The … Continue reading

July 3, 2014 · 30 Comments

Why 1995?

So why a book about 1995? What made that year that special? Fair questions. And the answers are compelling. Nineteen-ninety five, the topic of my forthcoming book, was a watershed … Continue reading

July 2, 2014 · 89 Comments

Welcome to The 1995 Blog

Welcome to The 1995 Blog, a site that will call attention to and revisit the important moments of an exceptional year. The blog has another mission, that of promoting my … Continue reading

July 1, 2014 · 1 Comment

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